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You can make felt in the palm of your hand. Take a tuft of sheep's wool, a little water, and a drop of soap.

Cup your hands over the wool and gently roll it between your palms. The wool will gradually form into a ball.

Slowly increase pressure as the ball of wool becomes more and more firm.

When you can roll the ball between your flattened palms without it shrinking any more, rinse out the soap and let the wool dry.

You can thread some floss through the ball to make a bead, or you can just carry your first felting project around to impress your friends.

And that is just the beginning. You can felt silk cloth into wool, style seamless hats, and make toys for your cat. You can form little animals out of wool, or needle felt designs onto fabric. You can felt a well-loved sweater and sew it into a new pair of mittens or lavender-scented sachets.

I am not the most experienced of felters, but in the following tutorials you are welcome to share what insight I've stumbled upon in designing these felting crafts.

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